My name is Andrei Thüler, I'm a student at the Lycée Français de Chicago and part of its class of 2021.
On my time off I like making all sorts of videos: everything from Broadway musicals to a lockdown safety video.
The Power of Video
    Video has the power to move people like no other medium can. Ever since I fell in love with it in 7th grade, I have wished to master it.
    Since then, I have produced official videos used by my school, non-profit organizations, and content for my peer community with the intent to inform, promote a cause, or to make my friends laugh.
    Though I have not yet arrived to a state of complete mastery of the medium, with every video I get one step closer, and, on the way, get make new friends and meet a lot of people more talented than me in various ways, always so generous in sharing their vast knowledge.
    I hope to be able to continue making videos through college and to keep bringing stories, real and fictional, to life so that more people can experience them.
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