A few months ago I went and saw the Broadway musical "Anastasia" because I had loved the original animated movie and wanted to see the adaptation. I immediately fell in love with the new songs and rediscovered old melodies from my childhood.
That's when I decided I wanted to re-create some scenes and musical numbers and adapt them to camera.
"The Press Conference" is the first one of multiple that will follow very soon. I hope you enjoy it!
This animatic by Babbles Babbles was a great inspiration behind this video:

This project couldn't have been possible without the great people who came and helped us make it happen. A big thanks to:
Maylis Hoefnagel, Luis Kirchner, Soren Roeser, Marion Burcklé, Camille Burcklé, Elisabeth Leriche, Maël Cheynet, Edwin Deboise, Felix Pellise, Samuel Ridet, Elisa Fogarty and the Lycée Français de Chicago.
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